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Initiation & Ordnance

A highly specialised area of expertise is the Teledyne Reynolds initiation and ordnance range of capabilities and products. Engineering led solutions are developed for customers on an application by application basis to ensure an exact match to customer needs. Safety is paramount in the design, manufacturing and test processes used in delivering safe, reliable product to customers.

Applications come from many markets including

  • Mining.
  • Sub-sea exploration & production.
  • Research & development programmes.
  • Geophysical applications.
  • Military programmes (such as ordnance disposal).
  • Commercial uses (such as demolition).

An additional ability is the design of packaged electronic units which incorporate high voltage capability. Units have been designed for test laboratories, oil and gas applications, radars and military applications.


An engineering-led, reliable range of high voltage wire and cable for  EBW or EFI initiators.



A range of EBW and EFI detonators, developed where safety is paramount, with custom devices available.


Fire Sets

A complete line of EBW and EFI Firing Systems – designed to allow remote arming and firing of initiators. 


Packaged Electronics

The design and production of an extensive range of EBW & EFI based electronic safing, arming and firing units.

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