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Initiation & Ordnance – Detonators

We produce an extensive range of EBW, EFI detonators and EBW Ignitors for a variety of industrial applications, and are able to develop special devices to your specific requirements.

Our Range of EBW Devices
  • RP 80: The RP-80 detonator is a standard end lighting detonator. It is housed in an aluninum cup to provide sealing and strength to the explosive charge. It can be purchased without the cup as P/N 167- 9964. It is capable of detonating compressed TNT and other similar explosives (Download PDF).
  • RP 83: The RP-83 is a stretched version of the RP-80 detonator and contains over 1 gram of high density explosive in the output. The RP-83 is capable of detonating all standard explosives and many blasting explosives (Download PDF).
  • RP 85: The RP-85 detonator has the same output as the RP-83, however it is sealed for under-water use. All RP-85 detonators are individually tested to 1000 psi water pressure (Download PDF).
  • RP 87: The RP-87 explosive is contained in a 0.006" thick stainless steel case which is crimped onto the plastic head. It is for use where small size is important. The RP-87 is similar to the MK 71 detonator in geometry and output except it contains no primary explosive (Download PDF).

Our EFI Devices

Our EBW Ignitor
  • SQ 80: As a result of some recent testing, until further notice (December 2011), please treat our SQ-80 Ignitor as an Electrostatic-Sensitive Device (ESD). This means that when working with this exploding bridgewire (EBW) ignitor, antistatic devices need to be used to keep from damaging the ignitor and accidental ignition. Such devices would include an antistatic wrist strap and grounding mat or other grounding tool (Download PDF).

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