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High Voltage Wires

Standard High Voltage

Our standard high voltage wires are rated from 5 KVDC to 50 KVDC, with special wires available on request for higher voltages. The range includes solid and stranded conductors with FEP insulation and options of a silicon rubber coating over the FEP. An additional woven Nomex jacket can be specified to increase the environmental robustness of the wire. Silicon rubber insulation is offered as alternative to FEP, with a specialised coaxial shield wire also available.

For additional information on our high voltage wire table, please Download PDF


In addition to the standard wires, the Micro-Flex product is available as highly flexible wires rated to 18 KVDC utilising a high strand count with strand sizes a small as 46 AWG to give the featured flexibility of the product. Options in the Micro-Flex range are silicon rubber coatings and shielding.

For additional information on Micro-Flex high voltage, please Download PDF
For additional information on our Micro-Flex low voltage wire table, please Download PDF

Quiet Line

A further highly specialised wire is the Quiet Line product range. This is a continuously extruded, distributed loss, low pass filter line for high voltage applications. Quiet line is a flexible element offering RF power attenuation and can be spliced onto an existing high voltage lead assembly or supplied as an entire high voltage lead assembly. Quiet Line is available either shielded or non-shielded with or without the silicone rubber coating. Six loss core diameters are offered providing a range of rated voltages and RF insertion loss characteristics.

For additional information on Quiet Line, please Download PDF

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