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Connectors & Wires

An extensive range of catalogue specified connectors and wires for designers, manufacturers and service organisations – specifically designed for high voltage applications up to 50KV DC.

All our high voltage connectors are fabricated under controlled conditions. Special bonding and encapsulation processes have been developed and this together with the skilled workers using micro soldering techniques, result in the production of highly reliable connectors.

Voltage ratings of our connectors range from 3,500 volts DC to 60,000 volts DC and most are rated for operation up to 70,000ft (21,000m) altitude.

Typical applications include

  • High voltage interconnects for ground based, shipboard and airborne radars.
  • Electronic counter measure (ECM) equipment.
  • Avionic CRT head-up and Helmet Mounted Displays and head-down Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems.

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