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Technical Support Area

“From prototyping to high volume production we can support you with your engineered solutions and system integration enquiries.”

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Our e-library of technical specifications and product data is available for you to download at your convenience.


Teledyne Reynolds offers custom designed and catalogue specified high voltage cable assemblies, connectors and wire for payload and launcher applications.

The custom designed products are manufactured in our clean facility, where specialised test requirements outside of our own test capabilities form part of a programme, the requirement is contracted to third parties including the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories.

Catalogue Products

Catalogue products are provided as specified in their data or in accordance with an agreed Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP). There is a facility for lot sample retention and the provision of data packs in accordance with customer requirements. Our catalogue products include:
  • 600S (Space Use) Series: Our 600S subminiature, high reliability connectors have been specifically designed to operate over a long period of time in the hard vacuum of space. The operating voltage is 5 kVDC at a minimum of 10 millitorr to deep space, its operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C.
  • 600SQ Series: Our 66SQ subminiature, high reliability connectors are advanced, space qualified, single-pin high voltage connectors.
For additional information on 600S Series, please Download PDF

For additional information on our Space capabilities, please Download PDF

Custom Products

Payload specific interconnect solutions, designed in conjunction with payload integrators to meet the most highly specified performance and environmental demands.


We have supplied cable assembly products to a number of major programmes including:
  • International Space Station.
  • Rosetta
  • BEPI Columbo.
  • Exomars
  • Solar Orbiter
  • Arianne V.

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