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Oil and Gas

Teledyne Reynolds provides a range of components and assemblies to meet the highly specialised needs of engineers working in this demanding industry. High voltage capacitors and specialised cable assemblies for use in down-hole instrumentation packages,  EBW & EFI detonators with firing cables, fire sets and firing modules for sub-sea exploration and explosive demolition, and specialised, highly experienced design engineering capability to develop custom product for application specific needs.


  • High voltage capacitors.
  • Specialised cable assemblies.
  • EBW & EFI detonators with firing cables.
  • Fire sets and firing modules.
  • Specialised, highly experienced design engineering capability.

Example of application

  • Our wires, connectors and extensive line of EBWs are ideal for the harsh environment found in down-hole oil and gas exploration applications such as oil well case perforation.

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