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“From prototyping to high volume production we can support you with your engineered solutions and system integration enquiries.”

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Our e-library of technical specifications and product data is available for you to download at your convenience.

Components & Electro-Ceramics – Initiation & Ordnance

Firing Systems

We design, develop and produce an extensive range of EBW and EFI based electronic safing, arming and firing units for commercial and military applications. We also specialise in the design and manufacture of encapsulated high voltage assemblies for airborne radar and similar applications.

For a bespoke specification we design, fully develop and qualify before production.


We produce an extensive range of EBW and EFI detonators, and are able to develop special devices to your specific requirements.

Our Range of EBW Devices

Our EFI Devices

Our EBW Ignitor

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