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Components & Electro-Ceramics – Mica Capacitors

Our mica capacitors are manufactured with reliability as the prime consideration. Our engineers have developed and implemented an extensive reliability proofing programme consisting of thermoset epoxy impregnated MICA dielectric systems over a period of 540,000 unit hours of operation.

Our range of Mica Capacitors (please download the relevant PDF)

Available in a variety of configurations

  • Raw sections: For use in potted/embedded next higher assemblies.
  • Wrapped and end capped: For stand alone applications requiring no subsequent potting or embedment processes. Wrap material is Mylar® or woven glass.
  • Fibreglass encased epoxy-filled construction: Provides the attributes of the epoxy moulded configuration with no hard tooling required.
  • Low inductance/high current: Ideal for EFI (exploding foil initiators). Designed for very low inductance and high currents – available in any of the above configurations. Similar low inductance, high current designs are available for EBW (exploding bridgewire initiators).

A selection of applications

  • Epoxy moulded capacitors: Epoxy moulded assemblies can be configured in solid complex shapes and mounting arrangements. Units can contain several voltage and capacity values and a variety of terminations. These configurations offer stand-alone shock, vibration and environmental security with Teledyne Reynolds reliability. Currently qualified for use on major military and commercial programmes.
  • Mica capacitors in voltage multipliers: Raw capacitors are used in our voltage multipliers. These units have output voltages ranging to 160 kVDC. Used in a wide range of military and commercial applications. Typcial applications are X-ray equipment and low power TWTs.
  • Various configurations: Epoxy moulded, fibreglass encased with epoxy filling, wrapped and end capped. Also attached to low inductance strip lines for use on EFI and EBW initiators and ESA&F systems.

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