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“From prototyping to high volume production we can support you with your engineered solutions and system integration enquiries.”

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Core Capabilities

Teledyne Reynolds has over 50 years experience as a worldwide provider in the design, development and manufacture of engineered solutions and system integration for military and commercial applications. Cable assembly, wiring, harnessing and loom production facilities in Newbury and a low cost manufacturing capability in South Wales, we have established an undisputed reputation for delivering products with superior performance and reliability, supported by our ISO 9001, AS 9100 and AS14001 accreditations.

We have the flexibility to provide engineered solutions from prototyping to high volume production. Our Newbury facility forms the major part of the Teledyne Technologies business in the UK and Europe and provides a specialist, turn-key facility for any defence, space, and industrial related business, promising to deliver quality product at affordable cost.

Our comprehensive range of products continues to evolve into new applications and sub-systems. New products are designed to meet the most demanding standards with the very best of equipment and facilities. More recently the addition of our clean room has led to more opportunities within the development of space quality cable assemblies, utilising the skills and experience of our ESA-qualified operators and Inspectors.

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Inspection & Testing

Teledyne Reynolds delivers its products utilising equipment that provides complex testing requirements. Our 100% final inspection provides all the necessary performance criteria and complete satisfaction is assured our customers.
Teledyne Reynolds has invested significantly in the development of ATE equipment to support the complex testing requirements of our assemblies. Our internal capability to develop both test fixtures and source code to run the equipment has given us significant insight into the products performance, particularly if incorporated at the design phase of the product, 100% final inspection and test activity is performed to ensure adherence to the specification throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Computer controlled testers carry out DC continuity, insulation resistance and AC high potential tests. If required, copies of the test report can be provided for each assembly tested. Full characterisation is therefore provided assuring customers that the finished assembly has been fully tested and meets all necessary performance criteria and complete satisfaction is assured.

We support our customers with

  • High voltage cable supply
  • High voltage cable assembly design and manufacture
  • Harness and loom design and manufacture
  • Design and rapid prototyping
  • Coiled cable assemblies
  • RF cable assemblies
  • Fibre optic cable assemblies
  • Cable assembly repair & overhaul
  • Programme management – production, development and box build design
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Electronic assembly wiring and test
  • On-site installations
  • PCB population and wiring, soldering, vacuum potting and bonding


  • HV cables (assembly, moulding facility, test)
  • RF cables (assembly, test)
  • Fibre optics (assembly, testing facility)
  • Cockpit systems (assembly, test)
  • Initiation & ordnance (electronically protected assembly area (EPA), detonator termination, magazine store on premises)
  • Space level production (designated Clean Room assembly area, ESA qualified operators / inspectors)
  • High volume manufacture (flexible cellular manufacturing, expansive work force, high volume / low costs


Teledyne Reynolds is committed to continuous improvement and endorses its processes through our various QA certifications Including SC21, ISO9001, ISO9100, ISO14001.

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