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Cable Assemblies – Advanced Group

The Teledyne Reynolds Advanced Group series of high voltage connectors are the result of 40 years of technological advancement in the field of high voltage connectors and high voltage interconnect systems. Users of high voltage connectors in the aerospace industry have long sought a miniature high voltage connector that will operate at reduced atmospheric pressure, perform during temperature excursions of -55° to +125° C and at the same time reduce corona to an acceptable level.

Our advanced interface sealing system satisfies all these requirements through the use of a very small, elastomeric interface seal as the key component of the sealing system.

Our high voltage connectors are used in a number of industries:

  • Travelling wave tubes, magnetrons and klystrons.
  • Laser systems: Range finders, ring laser gyroscopes and night vision systems.
  • Cathode ray tubes.
  • High energy physics research.
  • High voltage power supplies.
Pee-Wee Series (12 KVDC): Download PDF
A series of subminiature, high voltage connectors and cable assemblies for the Aerospace and Defence industries. Will operate at voltages up to 12 KVDC at 70,000ft altitude. Single and multi-pin versions available, and ceramic receptacles are also available where a hermetic seal is required.
JR Series (6 KVDC): (Download PDF)
A junior version of the Pee-Wee series. Although micro-miniature in size, this series of connectors and cable assemblies will operate at voltages up to 6 KVDC at 70,000ft altitude.
Magnum Series (12 KVDC): Download PDF
A mechanically built-up assembly of pre-tested piece parts providing numerous design solutions – contrasted to a one piece, encapsulated, moulded-in-place cable assembly. Features include stainless steel shells, a unique bayonet coupling and a range of receptacles with a hermetic ceramic version.

Magnum+Plus Series (14 KVDC):
Download PDF
The Magnum range with 3 of the 6 pins having slightly larger seals, enabling the 3 larger pins to be rated at 14 KVDC.
Century  Series (15 KVDC): Download PDF
Slightly larger than the Pee-Wee series with a higher voltage rating and more rugged. Available in both plastic and high alumina ceramic versions.

Century Plus Series (18 KVDC): Download PDF
A slightly larger version with a higher voltage rating.
Maxxum Series (25 KVDC): Download PDF
The second highest voltage rating of in the Advanced Group. Mainly used on ECM and radar systems to connect the collector element of high power TWTs to a high voltage power supply. Ceramic receptacles are available with a hermetic seal.
Max Series (30 KVDC): Download PDF
A series of anode lead assemblies and receptacles designed specifically to interconnect cathode ray tube anodes to high voltage power supplies in airborne avionic suites of both military and commercial aircraft.
Avvion Series (CRT Gun End Connectors): Download PDF
A series of multi-pin cable assemblies that permits easy mating & unmating to the gun end of a cathode ray tube without potting or encapsulation. The connector interface provides high voltage sealing for the focus element and low voltage pins for the elements typical of the cathode, grid and heater. Designed for the avionics suites of high performance military and commercial aircraft.
Cable Assemblies (Hi/Mate): Download PDF
A miniature insertable/removable high voltage contact assembly for use on MIL-C-38999 Series I, III & IV connectors having a 12 gauge, rear release, contact retention cavity.

Cable Assemblies (Hi/Mate Sub-D): Download PDF
A high voltage capability for subminiature-D connectors rated at 13.5 KVDC and can be fitted into a Sub-D No. 8 gauge insert cavity. The assemblies are ideal for airborne applications up to 70,000ft altitude. Fully compatible with fibre optic and signal lines in the same sub-D connector.
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