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Teledyne Reynolds offers a highly specialised design, manufacture and test capability which incorporates high and low voltage, fibre optics, data, RF and video links in any combination to meet exact interconnect requirements without compromise.


Avionics interconnect often requires platform specific solutions. Teledyne Reynolds provides an integrated design, test and manufacture solution developed in conjunction with programme designers. In addition to the production of cable assemblies, we offer next level integration of cables into sub-assemblies to provide a fully tested product.


Customers who only need the manufacture and test capabilities are very welcome to approach us for a build-to-print solution.

UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement)

For the military market Teledyne Reynolds offers a programme managed UOR capability for fast turn round programmes.

Fibre Optic

The introduction of fibre optics into our avionics capabilities reduces mass and size, and enhances performance by comparison with an equivalent assembly, using only copper wires. Teledyne Reynolds can design, manufacture and test fibre optic cable assemblies as standalone products.

As an addition to the fibre optic capability, by using fibre optic cable terminated with the Teledyne Reynolds Hyperion connector, which incorporates 4.25Gbps fibre/digital transceivers, we can provide solutions to upgrade design issues where the interconnect is required to provide more capacity, enhanced bandwidth and higher data rate capability between existing equipment, but where space and mass are critical considerations.

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